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What is pure aluminum plate?

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Pure aluminum plate can reach more than 99.00% purity. Because the pure aluminum plate do not contain other elements, so the production process is relatively simple and inexpensive, pure aluminum plate is the most commonly used in conventional industrial series. Currently, most available on the market for 1050 and 1060 series. Feature of pure aluminum plate Density: the density of pure aluminum plate close to 2700kg/m3, about 35% of the density of iron Can strengthen: aluminum plate can make it through the cold strength more than doubled. And by adding magnesium, zinc, copper, manganese, silicon, lithium, scandium and other alloying elements, and then heat-treated to further strengthen its strength is comparable to high-quality alloy steel. Easy processing: aluminum plate casting method with the use of any kind of casting. Aluminum plastic, can be rolled into sheet and foil; pull into tubes and filaments; extruded into a variety of civilian profiles; may be most machines can reach a maximum speed of turning, milling, boring, planing and other machining. . Corrosion resistance: the surface of aluminum plate and its alloys, easy to generate a dense, solid Al2O3 protective film. This layer of protective film under intense action only halogen ions or alkali ions will be destroyed. Thus, aluminum plate has good resistance to atmospheric (including industrial steam atmosphere and ocean) water corrosion and corrosion ability. Resistant to most acids and organic corrosion, the use of corrosion inhibitors, corrosion resistant weak lye; adopt protective measures to improve corrosion resistance of aluminum plate alloy.


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